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Sexuality and Our Shadow Side

by Sherene Schostak September 10, 2013 06:23 PM EST
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"Do not look upon sex as merely a physical expression! There is a physical expression which is a beauty within itself, if it is considered from that angle; but when the mental and the spiritual are guiding, than the outlet for beauty becomes a normal expression of a healthy body. The love of and for a pure body is the most sacred experience in the earthly sojourn. Relationships in sex are exercising the highest emotions in which the physical body can indulge."

-- Edgar Cayce

"Know that Love and God are one: that relations in the sexual life; that relations in sexual life and the manifestations in the mental attributes of each as to an expression of that becomes manifested in the experience."

-- Edgar Cayce

"We must remember that God or Love (the two are one) looks at the heart, not the outward appearances."

-- Edgar Cayce

"Desire may be godly or ungodly, dependent upon the purpose, the aim and the emotions aroused."

-- Edgar Cayce

With Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio and Venus now joining, I thought this would be an excellent time to share some writing from my ancillary work as an astrologer called Project 40. It's a 40-day Jungian journey focusing one theme for 40 days as an intensive therapy through online journaling practices. []

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The latest (18th) incarnation of this project is focused on sexuality and the Madonna-Whore complex in our psyche. At this time, we are all being asked to look at deeper layers of our sexuality and how it plays into our intimate relationships with others. Here is a recent email I sent to my Project 40 members:

Where do we begin? I wanted to just get right into the heart of where most of the inner splitting around sex, desire, god and our physical bodies get all tangled up and cut off from consciousness in most cases ... and that would be around the experience of SHAME. Even if we don't consider ourselves religious or even if we haven't necessarily been brought up in a strict religious background, there is a deep shadow of shame that looms large in the patriarchal residue of our psyches. Let's just get to the point, most if not all of us carry remnants of shame around sex whether we know it or want to admit it or not. 

I have been delving into Edgar Cayce's book: Sex and the Spiritual Path (quoted above) … if you don't know of his work, he was called the Sleeping Prophet and would channel very deep esoteric teachings and healing remedies while asleep. He was a very religious man in his waking life but far more spiritual and metaphysical in his "prophet" state..... which is why I found his work fascinating for the purpose of our own journey in bridging this gap between sexuality -- spirituality.

Although the quotes above may seem a bit convoluted or confusing because of his odd way of phrasing things, what I found useful for the beginning of our journey was his insistence on God and Love being the same … and how important the elements of Love/God and the Heart are in our experience of the highest expression of our sexuality … versus the focus on physical appearance or an agenda.

Now as I write this, I can already feel the shadow creeping in of: but does that mean there is already a preference of "godly" sex versus say "animalistic" or "carnal" desire … can these two merge? How? What about sex without love? These are all very complicated questions and please know my role here is only to offer different perspectives and questions in order to guide you in search of your own answers. Please leave all of your pre-conceived ideas around sexuality, "good vs. evil", and morality behind as we try to explore different teachings, opinions and perspectives on sexuality.

Edgar Cayce talks about how the three-dimensional material experience we have on earth should always be remembered as a reflection of the spiritual realm … like in Plato's famous cave analogy, our play here is but a shadow of the divine realm being projected into physical form. But we have to remember the divine always has a dark and a light aspect … so where does the shame factor in?

We will spend a lot more time on shame during this P40 but today on day 1 what was coming to me was to go right to our childhoods and look at early imprints. We all have such a unique concept and imagery surrounding sexuality. Let's explore this in our writing today: 

Journaling Questions:

How do you define sexuality, sexiness, sexual expression in general?

What do you feel ashamed of about your body? Why?

What shame are you carrying about your sexual history?

Think back to your earliest ideas and feelings about sex and write them down in as much detail as possible. Pay special attention to any specific memories that arise around shame.

How did your parents talk about (or not) talk about sex?

How did your parents express their own sexual energy around you as a child both directly towards you or towards each other or towards other people … and sexuality doesn't necessarily mean seductive or overt promiscuous gesturing ... it can be subtle ... 

How would you describe YOUR own sexuality at this point in your life? 

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